January Movies to Look Out For

Addrine Guillory, Staff Writer

Hi Spartans!! Are you guys excited for all the movies coming out in 2020? I sure am and if you don’t know, I have anything to watch. Here’s a list of movies I’m excited for and hopefully, after reading this you’ll be excited too. 

The Grudge (Jan 3)

This movie is the second reboot to the original Japanese series called “Ju-On”. The first American reboot was in 2004. It’s confirmed it’s not set in Japan or even connected to the original Japanese version or first American reboot. It’s about a vengeful spirit (or spirits) that kills people if they enter a certain house, basically it curses them and follows them until they go crazy and it either kills them or on a rare occasion makes someone take its place (watch the grudge 2 for that). 





Underwater (Jan 10)

Now, if you know me personally you know I hate the ocean. I can’t swim, and it’s such a big, scary mysterious place so, after this trailer dropped one of my friends was like, “We need to watch it”, so to that friend this is for you. This movie is like the Aliens series except its underwater and Kristen Stewarts in it. I’m not 100% feeling it but im still gonna go because it looks interesting, plus i don’t wanna miss out on underwater Xenomorphs. 





Bad Boys for Life (Jan 17)

If you’ve never seen Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence you’re missing out and I suggest you watch it like right now. It’s basically about two friends who are also detectives solving crime. The first movie came out in 1995 which is like 24 years ago. It looks like from the trailer Marcus (Martin Lawrence) is trying to chill and relax and have a normal life but his best friend Mike (Will Smith) convinces him to have one last ride and take down a Miami drug dealer.

Weathering With You (Jan 17)

Film director Makoto Shinkai and producer Genki Kawamura, the same people behind, “Your Name”, have done it again. High school freshman Hodaka run away from his home to Tokyo. He’s sad and lonely and around him, in Tokyo, it feels rainy and gloomy until he meets Hina who can control the weather. From the trailer, it looks like a wholesome but at the same side will make you cry type of movie. The visuals are amazing and I’m so excited to see this.