Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!


Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

Astrology is a look into your future–but first you have to know which future is yours!

Don’t know what your zodiac sign is? No problem ! Below is a chart of astrology signs so you can find out

A memory from the past may bring you mixed emotions this week and it will most likely come out of nowhere leaving you surprised. This is a message to you from the universe to get you thinking along a certain path to encourage a potential turning point in your life , Aries. If you pay attention , this memory can help steer you in the right direction. Joy and accomplishment is coming your way! A certain relationship , rather it’s friendly or something else, has taken a spill recently but don’t neglect this individual. Try and rebuild the connection you had and it will be worth it.

The Full Moon this week occurs in your sign ! This means opportunity is coming your way to see the outcome of a personal issue you have been dealing with, Taurus. Don’t miss it just because you have been distracted lately. Regarding this outcome, there is much about it that should please you, especially if you have been clear when it comes to priorities. Surprises can be part of the process. Take time to stop and see where you are at in life and just breathe.

You tend to act impulsively when responding to situations regarding your personal emotions and this week it would be a good idea to look at the bigger picture and see what needs to be handled carefully so things don’t get out of hand. There are those who have practical expectations and if they see you are not doing what you should they will not make things easy and sometimes it’s best to take the extra time to review your actions before sending out the wrong idea and ending up in a place you don’t want to be in.

You can find a way to establish peace within yourself when it comes to situations that have either made you want to rebel or where you have had to deal with this. Authority is likely to have been part of this. There can be a greater sense of fulfilment about what you now see as priorities that are more important to pursue.

There will be some doubts this week about what you need to be responsible for at the moment. If you have been aiming to take on more responsibility, it should come your way but be sure you can handle it. All though lots of responsibility can be overwhelming, sometimes it can help you become organized and maintain an important schedule but to achieve this you must be completely confident in yourself to do this. This could be a time where you make some decisions about education that can benefit future directions.

Don’t feel as though you need to agree with any idea someone suggests that involves you stepping out of your comfort zone. This may test you to focus back on your own needs and be comfortable with what you believe is the right way to go. There is no shame in stopping to think about your own security and what you have worked hard to gain.

An issue from somebody else can unsettle situations in which you have put much effort to fix leaving you with no choice but to fight the battle emotionally. You are mentally in a stronger position to bring an end to this disruption. Details and facts can play a large part and this is where you are more likely have the better outcome.

You should be left in no doubt as to the position somebody else is going to take even if there has been an underlying complication that hasn’t always been obvious. Consider this an insight for the moment. There is still a need to use your time wisely and see what eventually surfaces.

There can be some strange or unexpected happenings involving a friendship. It will be difficult for you to see the whole picture so keep this in mind. You have the opportunity to maintain a degree of stability but this will only occur if you don’t rush into anything and you give yourself enough time to consider the options.

You can experience a sense of stability that in turn will make you feel happy, even lucky. You may realize there is a lot you don’t know but as long as you focus on your own priorities this will not matter. Paying attention on how to better balance responsibilities can take away the suspense element, if not now but in time.

It will not be difficult to see what must be put in place to create a more stable foundation in your life. Part of this is learning not to automatically take on obligations, especially if family are involved, as well as thinking about how your money and resources can best serve you first. It can open a whole new world.

If you avoid reacting to what other people expect of you for their own needs and focus your tuning in skills on your own future, you will find some very down to earth and stable ideas will be the result. This is the last leg of lessons you have been learning since 2015 that will finish late December, on being landed with obligations.