Darell McDaniels, Staff Writer

My name Cedric but you can call me ceddy mackin

I’m the one that turns up the party get it crackin

Spray em up with the *****

your whole crew sinking better call a may day

Been around the ghetto like fillmore hunters point

where you would get creeped on and smoked like a j****

Ski mask and wearing all black in the dark

the last thing you hear and see is the chopper spark

i’m from West Oakland in the city of dope

just call me rakim because I ain’t no joke

my air forces snow white just like ***

can’t make out the ghetto if you ain’t got no hope

I don’t live in the ghetto but i’m right next to the hood

and once you cross that line you not good

A busta tried to fight lord I wish you would

Don’t touch me again is that understood

rest in peace mr cee¬† brothers still ain’t learned their lesson

I hate mumble rappers cuz their rhymes just stressing

I give only answers  not asking no question

Bumping to rbl is my only suggestion