Spartan Ink staff photographer

Spartan Take Over group picture.

Heidi Mauricio, Staff Writer

Spartan Take Over is the Pinole Valley Dance club, otherwise known as STO. STO is a student-run club by Michael Saavedrea and Acome Kingera. This club has not been super active in Pinole Valley High School in its past years. In fact barely this year STO was made an official club. The club may not have been in a lot of activities this year, but they do want to in the future and they want to “show their talent” to their community. They want to show their representation in the community as the Spartans that they are.  The reason behind their name STO is because they are “Spartans who will take over the school and because we are unSTOppable.” 

“Our main plan for STO was so we can create a free space where everyone can feel welcome and have a good time dancing. We know how hard it can be to fit in so we hope that STO can be a safe haven for people.” Says Acome Kingera. “I am excited to meet new people and see new dancing styles because there are just so many I am excited to see how people express themselves in their own unique way.”

Michael Saavedra’s plan is to make the club as friendly as possible. But most importantly a protected zone. “I want our club to grow not just by gaining more members but gaining more confidence in one another. We try to help people that want to step out of their comfort zone and just have fun. No matter what happens, We are still a family. I want it to grow as a safe club to express your emotions through music and through your body by dancing.” He wants people to feel comfortable dancing and be comfortable in their surroundings. 

Spartan Take Over is an exciting and friendly club. Both Acome and Michael’s main purpose is to make the club a safe, protective zone. So that people don’t feel out of place and don’t feel judged. Which is important when you let yourself be expressive with dancing. I definitely recommend people checking it out. Either talk to one of the presidents or swing by the dance room at lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays.