Humans of Pinole Valley: Kibby Kleiman


Catherine Johnson, Staff Writer

“I feel responsible. I am constantly seeing if things work effectively, if what we have here at Pinole is good for today. Always on high alert. I have to be, just in case any fight or vandalism takes action. That is just part of my role as a person let alone being the principal at Pinole Valley. I love my job, it is part of who I am. My duty in my eyes is to clear obstacles for people to achieve and achieve what they want. I mean, in my dream world, I would have 20 students in one classroom. 30 to 40 is just too much for one student to get individualized attention or ask a question without feeling like they are competing with the student next to them. But I work with what I got and make the best of what I have.

Not a guy that beats myself, I look largely on the bright side of things, but I still look at things I can do better. Whether that be comparing my school to another one, or seeing what other principals do in certain situations. Nevertheless, I hope that people see me as a guy who is looking out for the best interest. I hope they see me as equitable and fair. I will always provide an answer. If I can not give you one I will always find someone who can. Though being a principal defines a lot of me, it is not all that makes me, me. I am someone who sets an alarm for 5 am, but negotiates with myself to sleep in until 6. Someone who loves to stop and check in on my “Berkeley family” either on my way to or from work since my real family is farther than just the 20-60-minute drive. I am someone who loves sports, especially baseball, and someone who listens to country music. I am someone like the television star Mr. Rodgers. That is someone whose vibe I truly admire. Someone who I find myself to be a lot like.