Humans of Pinole Valley: Glendy Jimenez

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“I am viewed as a very cheerful and joyful person most of the time. That can really be a lot of people. The students here at PV are usually so nice, which is what I admire, it’s what I think makes us different from other schools. Along with the fact that everyone here is so social and it’s so easy to feel comfortable and make friends here. So much individuality.  Though it can sometimes be tiring in the morning sometimes it doesn’t change the fact that I am truly a morning person with lots of energy. I also love conversing with my mom because she is usually the only one up with me in the morning, we both talk and drink our coffee. She always has hot coffee and mine is always iced. I love school spirit, and how much we have. I will always participate in Spirit Week! Most of my friends usually participate.  I usually hang out with guys. They are very overprotective and funny, may I add. But they all feel like family to me. They all know me as an energetic person, which I love. I am like Cat Valentine. “