Spooky shows to get you in a spooky mood


It’s officially the end of Spooky Season, but if you still wanna be in a spooky mood I got some shows for you. All these shows I’ve watched a little bit of or have friends who watched so I hope you enjoy it. 

American Horror Story         

First show I wanna talk about is American Horror Story. This show is an Anthology series where each season has a different setting and different characters but sometimes includes the same actors. This show has 9 seasons and each season consists of between 9 to 13 episodes. You may not like all the seasons but each is so different you may end loving one more than the other.

The Haunting of Hill House                           

Another show I wanna talk about is The Haunting of Hill House. I personally haven’t watched this but lots of my friends say it’s good. “It’s a good horror show and utilizes more tension rather than just jump scares,” one of my friends Johnathan says. He also talked about how the pacing is a little slow at the beginning but begins to pick up later on. What I know is that a bunch of siblings who grew up in a haunted must go back to come together after tragedy and confront the ghosts and their inner demons.

Black Mirror       

This is another really popular anthology series, where each episode has a different setting, characters, and storyline. This show is more science fiction and psychological thriller. Black Mirror has been out since 2011 but didn’t get much attention until it was on Netflix. It has 5 seasons and only 22 episodes, plus a movie where you get to decide the actions. Just like American Horror Story, you won’t enjoy every episode but you will eventually find one you like. Another cool thing about this show is that you can watch the seasons in any order since none of them are connected to one another.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina       

This show right here is a personal favorite. It’s based on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic book series. Unlike the other Sabrina the teenage witch shows/comics this one is way darker and has a lot to do with cult stuff, and the devil (who they call the dark lord). It’s a weird coming of age story about Sabrina our half-mortal, half-witch protagonist who has to sign her name in the book of the beast to become 100% committed to the dark lord. If you already know this scenario you already know she doesn’t do that and the results are deadly. She chooses to stay both a mortal and witch so she can stay with her best friends Roz, Susie and boyfriend Harvey. This show only has 1 season and 20 episodes so far. 

Bates Motel                   

This show is a prequel to the popular horror movie Psycho. It starts off with Norma Bates moving herself and her son Norman to a new town after a death in the family and open a motel to start a new life. Eventually, things go bad. Bates Motel mostly shows Norman Bates’s teenage years and how he became the killer he’s known as in Psycho while also showing how his relationship with his mom somehow affected the way he became a killer. Bates Motel has five seasons and fifty episodes.