October Horoscope


Gina Gallia, Soothsayer

Happy birthday, lucky Libra! And what a lucky month it is: gift-giving Jupiter has moved into your sign and is setting up shop for the next twelve months. Use the power of this new moon for the dreams that have sitting on the back burner. You’re uniquely situated to direct its power to the areas of your life that need it the most, so don’t take this time for granted. Maybe you won’t realize that dream this month, or even this year, but taking those first few steps and being intentional about where you want to go will eventually make this a reality. It’s time to make moves, Libra. Take action in what you believe in and have pride!

You’re playing things close to the chest this month, Scorpio, as you should. There are ideas and wishes brewing, but now is not the time to shout them from the rooftops. There’s a reason people tend to trust you with sensitive information – the same reason you know better than to count chickens before they’re hatched. You’re a master of discretion, and this month, that vital skill will come into play as you navigate through some pretty deep spiritual and psychological journeys and discover some truths about yourself. Be sure not to lose yourself in the process, though: keep your head on straight and keep your priorities and morals set high.

Dear Sag, if you aren’t already feeling refreshed by the gently falling leaves, cooler mornings, and the need for thick, comfy socks, you will soon. Summer was a busy time, bouncing from commitment to commitment, pushing yourself to go go go. You’ve planted many seeds, watered them with blood, sweat, and tears, but even now you find yourself struggling to slow down. Take this as permission from the universe to do just that! Give those seeds you planted time to grow: you’ll see results, just not today. Allow yourself to enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself; take a long walk in the park, see a scary movie with a group of friends. Remember what life is about: creating connections, finding peace in simplicity, loving and laughing as often as you can. You have time: create the story you want to be told.

Ding, dong, October is here! I sure hope you’re ready, Cap. This month you’re going into battle, and if that sounds scary, good! A healthy dose of fear is often just what you need to stay sharp and focused. Your career is on the up and up, but only with some choice moves will you find yourself accepting opportunities you never even thought to dream of. And therein lies the tricky part, Cap: you already know from experience that going full speed towards what you want means sacrificing other important parts of your life. Each step closer to your ultimate goal is a step further from a goal you still aren’t sure you truly want. So, decide: what IS it you truly want? it’s full speed ahead, no looking back. We believe in you.

I hope you haven’t packed up that passport just yet, Aquarius. This month, you’re deriving strength and inspiration from people and ideas that are unfamiliar to you, because sometimes the best way to approach a situation is with a brand new set of eyes. Whether you have the time and resources to jet off to another part of the world, or just need to adjust your thinking to a ‘foreign’ point of view, your relationships and professional life will benefit from your willingness to part ways with your normal way of conducting

business. stakes aren’t quite as high for you, but the point is, take it from anyone: being adventurous, going out on a limb, embracing the unknown – these are recipes for keeping your ideas fresh and your capacity for empathy and understanding

Problems and solutions, Pisces, problems and solutions. Not only are you hyper-focused on how to resolve the complications of life that are you holding you back, you’re giving yourself creative license to do so. This month, you’re playing to your strengths, using your imagination to dream up ways of tackling problems you may not have thought of before. And you know what? We’re really proud of you. It’s not just a brave move – it’s noble. Setting aside traditional methods in favor of instinct, of passion. Pisces: you may be surprised to find what your creativity has in store for you!

Aries, it’s starting to get colder outside, so we don’t blame you for looking around for someone to cuddle with this winter – and possibly beyond. October is your month for partnerships, for collaboration, for ditching your phone for a while to catch up with an old friend, distraction-free. Or perhaps a potential suitor? Who you’ll run into, we can’t say, but be the social butterfly you know you can be. The lessons we learn from our relationships – successful or failed, enduring or abandoned – are some of the most meaningful and lasting lessons we’ll ever learn. As much as we try to convince ourselves, pretend that we’re satisfied being islands, the truth is, our connections to other people – romantic or not – are an inescapable part of who we are. Relax, and allow the universe to show you what it has in store. And don’t resist if the partner it has in mind for you isn’t quite who you expected – that’s all part of the fun.

When the going gets tough, Taurus gets going – isn’t that right? When you have your mind set on something, heavens help who- or whatever decides to get in your way. Sometimes this stubbornness can create problems for you, but this month, your goal is personal health, and that is a cause we can get behind. You’re committed to taking care of you, both internally and externally, and considering current events, not to mention everything happening in your life, this is an area that could use some extra attention. This might mean making some really difficult decisions that will benefit you in the long run, but hurt a considerable amount right now. It may mean opening yourself up to friendships that you’d otherwise reject out of fear, or a desire to stay isolated. you’ll encounter characters who are trying to take care of themselves – at times, at the expense of others; other times, in service to them. It can be difficult to determine, in the moment, exactly who your actions are affecting and how – that knowledge tends to come later, when the dust has settled. But no one ever learned anything by doing nothing, so take courage, Taurus, and do what you need in order to keep yourself physically and emotionally fit. You get one life, and you’re the only one who gets to live it.

Well hello, dear Gemini. How is the fall treating you so far? We can see those hearts in your eyes from a mile away, and no wonder – this month, Cupid’s going into overdrive for you, and love is certainly in the air. It’s truly a beautiful thing, finding the beauty in the most mundane occurrences, feeling like you’re walking on air, bursting into song at inappropriate times. Even if you aren’t ready to share who’s captured your heart, or even admit to the fluttering beneath your ribs, your lucky book this month is an adorable meditation on the ways that love – especially unexpected love – can lift us from depths we thought we’d never climb out of. How often have you found yourself a point in your life where finding a steady source of comfort, acceptance, and affection seemed impossible? You felt like you were doing everything else right – or, at least, as best you could – but in this one area, a growing emptiness. It’s important to remember, dear Gem, that love can come from the most unexpected places, and meet needs that you weren’t even aware you had. Perhaps there’s a greater lesson you need to learn before you find what you’ve been looking for – so this month, make sure you’re prepared to be taught!

Home. What does that word mean to you, Cancer? Comfort? Solitude? Conflict? This month will be a intense meditation on your personal interpretation of home, and how satisfied you are with the space you’ve carved out for yourself in the world. Have you been taking care of your space? What kind of energy are you waking up in, and coming back to every day? These aren’t questions that can be answered with a couple of new adventured and updates to your social media , and that’s okay! Perhaps it’s time to leave the toxic friendship you’ve been battling for years, or maybe the piles of clothes and shoes you’ve allowed to multiply have overtaken your room. Whatever the issue, now is the time to make some definitive steps to making sure that you’re at peace with where (and how!) you live.

Up and at em, Leo! You’re feeling totally invigorated by the departure of the lazy days of summer and ready to make the most of this fall. Good for you! This month will be a productive one for you: you’re dotting i’s and crossing t’s and generally killing the organizational game. This isn’t unusual for you, but the way to get progress is to, well progress. Move forward. And that may mean leaving some old habits behind. Like making sure your desk is spotless and your inbox whittled down to zero. I know that on the surface these seem like markers of success, but the author of your lucky book this month would beg to differ. Think about it: why is it so important to you that everything be put it its place? What would happen if you let chaos reign – just for a day or two? The results may surprise you! However unorthodox this approach might seem, it’s worth paying attention to: this month is going to get seriously busy, especially towards the end, when holiday invitations begin pouring in, and it seems the only way to get through the day is by making a thousand to-do lists. I know a small part of you enjoys the challenge in trying to keep up, stay sane amidst the madness, but why not take on a new challenge, and see if getting a little messy unlocks a new layer of insight you hadn’t known was lying dormant this whole time? I think it’s worth a shot.

Buckle up, Virgo, because you’re in for quite the ride this month. Blame it on the moon: when it’s full, prepare yourself. Where everyone once seemed rosy and sublime, there will be tension and not a small amount of stress. And then, when you feel wrung dry, things will slip back to normal in the blink of an eye. Don’t say I didn’t warn you: be surefooted for the next few weeks, don’t make any rash decisions, always keeping in mind that the best laid plans might go temporarily awry. You can survive this, Virgo, it will just take patience, a good dose of humor, and a some perspective. While we don’t anticipate one of your lows this month resulting in a social media scandal, it can help to read some extreme accounts of situations gone horribly wrong to remind you that your problems truly aren’t that bad. In the moment, right after realizing that you’ve said the wrong thing, or that you’ve angered the wrong person, it can feel like your world is crashing down around you. We totally understand that feeling. So take this opportunity to be proactive, instead of reactive: what steps can you take as you approach this month’s tasks to ensure minimal damage? If you know from the outset that the plans you’re making may fall apart, what’s your Plan B? You’ve got this, Virgo. We know you do.