The City of Teotihuacan


Angel Barrios, Staff Writer

This weekend I found time go to the city and do something fun. I decided I would go to the “De Young’’ museum where I would explore and learn about new things that happened in the past. I ran into an exhibition called “Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of fire” located in San Francisco while the actual city where these things were found is in Mexico.


This city is visited by tourists in Mexico and about 4 million people visit it every year. There was two cities in this civilization the city of water and the city of fire. This civilization was being built at the same time as Rome was around 750 BC. In this museum in San Francisco you can see stone artifacts and the obsidian weapons or even pictures of their gods. I was amused to see so many old artifacts that were left by the people who just disappeared the city and left everything behind.  Even if nobody knows why they left the city. Seeing stone figures that were made thousands of years ago and representing their Gods made me realize how much our world has evolved and how our religious traditions have changed.


If you have an extra $19 and are in the city I highly recommend visiting this amazing exhibition located near the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. It does not even take an hour to walk through the whole thing and if you have extra time you can visit other exhibitions that are free!