A Day in the Bay – Berkeley


Devin Dinh

Counter where they make fresh pasta at the Italian Homemade Company.

Devin Dinh, Staff Writer


There’s a different vibe in each city within the Bay Area, Berkeley being a very unique one based on the atmosphere. Almost everyone I know has been to Berkeley at least once in their lifetime, to U.C. Berkeley or just around Berkeley to hang and chill. Last week, I went to Berkeley to do just that.

Everyone in the Bay knows that Berkeley has most spots concentrated within a small area feeding off the light that surrounds U.C. Berkeley. You can feel that vibe that Berkeley has through the food, the thrift stores, the skate culture, the protestors, and the puddles of “water” on the streets.

Start the day with

Breakfast: Grab a donut to start your day with a bite of a sugary delight inside a hole in the wall spot at Dream Fluff Donuts. As long as you get there early, there is always a great selection of donuts. Glazed, vanilla sprinkles, donut holes, maple, they have it! The folks behind the counter always give you a warm smile and even spark up a conversation through the love of food and Berkeley.

Thrifting: All around Berkeley, there’s a bunch of thrift stores that provide a different atmosphere within. My favorite ones to spend time searching for the best pieces are situated around Telegraph and Shattuck at Indigo Vintage, Crossroads Trading, Mars Mercantile, and Buffalo Exchange. With the best prices comes at a cost though, compared to the thrift stores near Pinole. Every time is always different because you never know what you’re going to find like a new Hawaiian shirt, old Nike jacket, or your new favorite pair of jeans.

Lunch: Eat at The Italian Homemade Company, a quaint Italian place on College Avenue, that’s an upgrade from Gypsy’s, but still tasty and decently priced touching down to more Italian roots through the pasta being made in front of you, while you order from a counter hosting play to a selection of choices showing off the latest specials, fresh cuts of charcuterie and cheese, and that spirit of a warm family making your pasta behind the kitchen doors. I ordered gnocchi with marinara sauce, with parmesan cheese shredded on top of course: simple and plain, how I like it, no extra toppings — while you sit at

UCBerkeley: Probably the heart of what Berkeley is, everyone has been here at least once in their lifetime to take part in a college program or just take in those views from the Campanile. I like going into the campus and finding a new route to get from Sather Gate to another part of Berkeley, even if its longer than going in a straight line from point a to point b. I love coming here on Cal Day to take part in seeing what UCBerkeley offers for my future and getting the free stuff  – like patches, bags, and food!

Time for Dessert: Head to Uji Time Dessert for a small, yet filling dessert of matcha soft serve inside a Japanese-style cone called “taiyaki” filled with a filling of your choice, I always switch it up between red bean and Nutella as it adds more sweetness to the settle, yet delicious matcha ice cream. There’s also a counter in front of the place selling boba drinks if you want to add to your sweet tooth after a day in Berkeley.

Just a day in a different city shows why I love to be in the Bay Area, just exploring a new place walking, driving, or BARTing there is an experience to have. Berkeley is a place to be when you miss home, spending moments till night just eating and driving around till you find the next stop in your adventure.