Block Schedule–a look back

Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

It’s been a while since we did the testing for the Juniors and Seniors during the SBAC and CAST testing.  It brought stress to the upperclassman and much joy to the lower classmen going to school at 11:35. I thought about the situation for a while and wondered if we would have such a schedule on a full time basis especially with the new school on its way.  I was figuring things out and so I came up with the idea to ask Kibby. I asked him about this block schedule and asked him what he liked about this schedule, he said that you could focus on those few classes and handle the fewer classes worth of homework that come with it.  He also said that for classes such as Art, you would have extended time to finish.  You could finish projects or portfolios if you are in a class that needs more time.. It would also be a benefit for science classes with experiments to run an entire lab with a longer period.. Kibby’s concerns were for teachers and classes accustomed to meet regularly and not meeting daily.  Kibby says even with a late start, there will still be students late to school, and that is not sustainable. I  laughed seeing that it happened to me in that week. Kibby also wants us to have study trips and knows that in a block schedule, students missing a day will be missing the equal of two days and it will  cost us more valuable class time, so we won’t have students as prepared for graduation or college life ahead.