Party Planning Tips

Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

Party planning can be both fun and stressful. You have good feelings about doing putting a smile on someone’s face rather it being a family member, family friend, or a stranger. Doing something nice in general can put a smile of both the planners face and the one who is receiving the surprise.

There are many steps to planning a party.
– First and foremost the planner needs a good amount of money to pull the party off.
– The planner has to figure out where the party is going to be located at/time.
– Notify everyone
– Decorations
– Reservations (if needed)

And whatever else the planner might have in mind. There’s really no order to do these things but organization could be very helpful so the planner does not go crazy trying to put it all together.

Timing is imperative for many reasons. One is so the planner does not have to rush anything. Of course, the planner is going to rack their brain by wanting the party to be great. But timing and organization can be very helpful.