Would You Rather…?

What would you rather do?


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A colorful Do It Yourself jar for “Would you rather…?” questions.

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Would You Rather for Kids


Here’s a fun topic. Would you rather? I took the time to ask several Pinole Valley students and faculty Would you rather…. questions. Here are their responses:

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Glendy Jimenez, 9th grader:

Would you rather discover a secret of the universe or invent a cure for a deadly disease? Why?

“Deadly disease cuz it will help people and save lots of lives duh! Rather save lives than to feed my curiosity.”


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Ms.Ohlson, Counselor:

Would you rather receive a free international airplane ticket a year or as many domestic flight tickets as you please? Why?

“As many domestic flights as I please. I have family in the East Coast whom I can visit as many times as I please. I rarely fly international so I’ll save money!”


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Ms.Mendoza, Register:

Would you rather see in your own future or in someone else’s future? Why?

“Ohhh. I would like to see into my children’s’ future. To see how far they will get in their career, their family life, if they were to have children. I wouldn’t want to look into my own because I want to live in the moment.”

Alonso Saenz, 12th grader adds, “What if they aren’t successful?”

“Well…. they have already finished college and have a career so I would hope they’re successful haha.”


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Mr.Bedwell, AP Literature, CSU & Journalism teacher:

Would you rather teleport or read minds? Why?

“I would teleports because it is more efficient and environmentally friendly. I won’t use as much fossil fuel. It would also be pretty scary to look into people’s minds.”


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Annett Tamayo, 12th grader:

Would you rather live without the internet or without AC and Heating? Why?

“I will live without AC or heating. I will be too disconnected from the world without internet. I have my weather app to keep me warm or cool! That way I can pick my outfits. It helps me be prepared.”


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Kibby, Principal & Mr.Hein, AP Statistics and Algebra 1 teacher:

Would you rather go 500 years in the past or 500 years in the future? Why?

“I would live in the past because I used to be a history teacher. I would know so many things from the past and that way, I would be able to anticipate things and be smarter than other people there. Whereas if I were to go to the future, it would be scary because I wouldn’t know anything. Sure, 500 years ago was scary because of diseases and events, but I can anticipate it.” -Kibby

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“500 years into the future… because people in 500 years will be immortal.” -Mr.Hein


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Emma Lubinger vs Gina Gallia debate, 12th graders:

Would you rather have Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee? Why?

“Peet’s! It’s more serious and has a better setting, good for business meetings, nice study environment, good for everything. Starbucks is chaotic. Peet’s also has better furniture and Starbucks waters down their drinks. And the way they name their drinks is annoying, propaganda “tall” is not tall! ” – Emma

“No, Starbucks! They have an actual drive-thru and more variety. Peet’s is more expensive and Starbuck’s has a great rewards system. It’s a cool place to work and the environment is nice. On top of that, their wifi is better. Also Starbucks accommodates for my dietary needs. There is also a larger Starbucks chain.” -Gina


The true question is what would you do if you had to pick between two options? Would you rather is a great way to critically think and brainstorm outcomes! Here’s a way to play: http://either.io/