Prom Dress Tips

This article is your complete guide to choosing the perfect prom dress!

Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

The time for choosing what to wear to prom has finally come! But, how to start? You’re in a great place! Before you go looking, check the PVHS Prom Instagram page so you don’t end up getting the same dress as someone else! @pvhspromdresses2k19

Checked the page? Great, now it’s time to start looking!  Below are some tips, ideas, and ways to find your perfect dress.

Choosing a color :

The color and style of your prom dress might depend upon a theme, which is Enchanted Ball, or you could go with a color that you love.  Remember to choose a dress in a color that compliments you and that you feel comfortable in. According to, if you’re a redhead, you might select a prom dress in shades of green, blue, and purple, while blonds look great in reds, blues, pastels, and bold colors. Girls with dark hair can usually wear almost any color. Depending upon your skin tone, some pastels, brights, or jewel tones might complement your coloring better than others. Some people’s skin tone might get washed out by a vibrant color such as orange, while someone else’s skin tone might glow.

Choosing a style :

When choosing your prom dress style, think about how you want your dress to fit. If you like to dance a lot, you might want to choose an a-line prom dress that gives your legs plenty of room for movement and is styled with straps for support. If you’re not much of a dancer, try a mermaid dress or a long tight dress that fits the form from neckline to hem. If a little more support is on your must-have list, try a short halter prom dress or a long prom dress with adjustable straps. Wear a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

If none of this helps, try this quiz!

Where to look for the perfect dress: 

With technology nowadays, what can’t you do online? Here are some great stores that you can check out at your fingertips! These are all great websites to check out with varying prices.

Lulu’s $$

Windsor $

Macy’s $$

Prom Girl $$$

If you want to go into a store and try on dresses to find the perfect one, then here are some great stores to visit. There is a variety of stores with different price settings so you can pick which one best accommodates your budget.

David’s Bridal $$$

Macy’s $$

Bellisima Creations $$$

Windsor $

Nordstrom Rack $

If you can’t afford a dress, you don’t have to miss out on prom! Every year, the princess project works to help people around the country to get a dress they will love for free! Here is a link to the amazing opportunity

Be sure to send a picture of your dress to the PVHS Prom dress Instagram page @pvhspromdresses2k19

If you are still completely lost, here are some dress ideas that fit the theme!