Pisces Season


Uchenna Hernandez and Anait Aliaga

On February 18th, the sun left Aquarius and transitioned into Pisces. This will last until March 20th.

Pisces is ruled by the 12th house meaning it rules the unconscious mind, dreams, and all things hidden. This season could have many illusions so try to look beyond the surface. Use your intuition.

In spite of the intensity of Pisces season i,t’s a very romantic and creative period of time. Let yourself be emotional and vulnerable as many relationships may deepen. You could be catching yourself daydreaming a lot just make sure you don’t get lost in the clouds!

Try to enjoy this dreamy and intuitive season before the sun transitions in Aries, which will take over in a more aggressive and bold energy.

Some may feel Pisces season more extreme than others but if you’re wondering how you’ll be affected, check out the horoscopes below!

Aries ( Mar 21 – Apr 19 )

Communication could be tough. You’re learning what you truly want in life and at this time you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Just make sure not to overwork yourself in the process. Be very decisive with whom you give your energy to. Manifest any creative ideas but start to save financially this month.

Taurus ( Apr 20 – May 20 )

You’re feeling torn between how you act and how you want to act. You don’t want to think about things too much or make any decisions just yet. You’ve been feeling confident but at the same time you want to avoid conflict. Try to use your past as a learning experience and grow from it. This could be an emotional time for some while reminiscing the past.

Gemini ( May 21 – June 20 )

Keep moving forward! Don’t turn back onto past experiences. Don’t learn the same lesson twice. You’ve been through a hard time but it was necessary and what is coming will be in your favor. Your big goals are finally within reach and will bring happiness. Take time to manifest your goals.

Cancer ( June 21 – July 22 )

You need to stop repeating the same story over and over again. Learn to grow. Start believing in yourself more now than ever.  Try to focus on what matters to you the most so you may manifest everything you want. This will be a time to leave difficult situations behind that were not fulfilling for you. This season will give you the confidence and independence to start making decisions for yourself.

Leo ( July 23 – Aug 22 )  

A lot of things have changed for you which has brought you to another path in your life. There could have been negative things going on which has now given you abundance of independence and personal grow. This is perfect time to act out on your dreams and visions. There’s a lot of blessings coming forward but you could be stuck in a past cycle. Try to take control over things you can control in your life. There is nothing you can’t overcome at this point.

Virgo ( Aug 23 – Sep 22 )

Pisces season started with the full moon in your sign meaning there could be heavy emotions going around for you. Face your emotions so you may get a grip of your life and emotional state of being. Focus on your goals and ignore past negative energy. You will be recognized for your hard work. Good karma will be coming back to you!

Libra ( Sep 23 – Oct 22 )

There could have been an outcome you had been waiting for and for most of you this outcome probably wasn’t what you were wishing for. This situation could have been something that just isn’t serving you but had you tied up in many emotions. This outcome will set you free to move forward in your life. You don’t have any other choice then to move forward. You can make a lot of positive progress right now but first you must leave behind that’s not serving you. This is a resting and healing period for you right now.

Scorpio ( Oct 23 – Nov 21 )

Major things are coming to an end and are starting over yet you might be hesitant about it. You’re really thinking of what steps to make before you fully engage because you’re fearful of past experiences but it was a lesson learned and you will now be rewarded. You may feel like things aren’t working out for you yet there is a new beginning coming towards you. Slow down with your emotional intensity and it will pay off in a good way. Good change is coming your way.

Sagittarius ( Nov 22 – Dec 21 )

You’ve been through a deep transformation. You’re starting a new chapter in your life. Use this month to get your strength and to heal. New doors are opening but only if you let them. You’ll be gaining a lot of mental clarity during this time. This is a time where you want to start setting boundaries for your life with what and how you want to do things. This is a time where you’re letting go of things that no longer serve you and you’ll start to feel more fulfilled within yourself.

Capricorn ( Dec 22 – Jan 19 )

You’ve had personal awakening with judgment , which started you on a new path. You find that the strength within you may be slowly at the beginning but you can depend on yourself. You may be having a new beginning coming towards you in love but might not want to take the opportunity. Your own stability or growth will be very important to you. For you, justice can only be served in your own happiness.

Aquarius ( Jan 20 – Feb 18 )

You’ve gained a lot of personal growth and stability. What you want is close but you must take time to slow things down and know what you want first. You must also work harder for the things you want and try not to overthink simple situations for you may hide from the solution. You could be having a breakthrough of peace and communication coming soon.

Pisces ( Feb 19 – Mar 20 )

You’re quite tuned in with your emotions. You have great abundance coming your way. Be careful not to get caught up in illusions or delusional world within yourself. You’ll be having to make a decision with something that you’re committed to. Tap into your own intuition to make the right choices since many options are coming up for you. You need to leave anything in the past that is no longer serving you. Try putting yourself in balance to receive power and growth. We wish you a Happy Birthday!