Part 1: Significant Other Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gifts they’ll love!

Stephanie Jimenez and Gina Gallia

DIY gifts $5 and under:

  • 52 Reasons I love you booklet: All you need is a deck of cards, binder rings, a hole puncher and creative craft materials! Hole punch each card and add the ring to create a booklet. Then make it look all nice and pretty by adding decor to every card along with the reasons why you love your significant other!
  • Open When cards: Cards, envelopes, and a sharpie is all it really takes! Make as many cards as you please. Examples you can make are Open when…. you can’t sleep or Open when…. you’re sad. That way you can give your lover a piece of you for days! (Make sure to leave rules! Example: Open one a day.)
  • Love Coupons: Who doesn’t love a homemade craft that gives you free love? Make coupons that will grant your significant other special gestures. Examples: Date night of your choice, a hug, a foot massage. It can be anything you think they’ll love.

DIY gifts $5 and up:

  • Fill in the blanks What I Love About You by Me book: Compliments make everyone feel loved and admired. Why not write them in a book so your lover can look back on it whenever they please? This gift would not only be thoughtful but it will also become valuable to your loved one.
  • Custom basket with snacks and things that your partner loves: Take it from us, the way to someone’s heart always involves food! This is a way to prove to your special someone how much you listen and know them. Put together a gift basket with their favorite snacks and items they use daily. Basic examples: chips, candy, face masks, fuzzy socks. Original examples: add a custom puzzle of you guys together, a blanket, hair masks, a custom bath bomb kit.
  • Surprise explosion box scrapbook: Meet Amazon, Amazon is your new BFF. Order a surprise explosion scrapbook and add some pictures, notes, and memories into it to make your Valentine smile.

Store-bought gifts $5 and under *shop in the $1 at Target*

  • A stuffed animal with a handwritten note: Everyone loves stuffed animals and every time your partner sees it, they will think of you. To make it even more sentimental, add a note and the gift will become much more personal. A gift like this shows that you care. Write what your favorite things are about your partner or go with what your heart says.
  • A mason jar with her favorite candy: Pretty basic, get a nice big mason jar and fill it with candies that your partner loves. Add a special message, slap a bow or wrap it up and your cute and kind gift is ready!
  • Bundle of Valentine socks: Target’s dollar section sells a pair of cute Valentine socks for $1! I’m sure that your partner would love this gift this cold winter.

Store-bought gifts $5 and up:

  • A Pandora ring from the sales section or necklace with your birthstone on it: A gift like this is very special and thoughtful. Your birthstone will personalize it even more and bring it closer to your partner’s heart. Explain to them, that it has your birthstone in it so they can carry you with them wherever they go.  (so you’ll always be with them)
  • Custom Candle or bath bomb from Charmed Aroma (comes with a surprise inside)
  • Get them tickets to Ice Cream Museum, Exploratorium, Aquarium of the Bay, Berkeley Rose Garden or the MoMA: Don’t just give them two tickets. Express that you want to take them to the place you chose that best suits them. This is a great way to spend time and create unforgettable memories with your partner making this a gift they will never forget. Be sure to pick a place within their interests. Put some thought into it and I’m sure they will love it.