High School Humiliation

Concept. Hands pointing to the business men experience the shame and stress

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Concept. Hands pointing to the business men experience the shame and stress

Ryan Armstrong, Staff Writer

What is the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you? Recently I have asked different PVHS students the exact same question, in search of the most embarrassing story. In order to get the best answers possible, I let them know that I would keep their identity completely anonymous. Here are a couple that I received.


Story 1: Bloody Blunder

“There was only one time I ever got sent to the hallway for talking in 6th grade. One of my friends was already out there. At the time, I had some sort of wart or blister on my finger. Being out in the hall was naturally pretty boring, so I started picking at it. Eventually, it started to bleed, and that’s when the problem began. Someone opened the door not long after because the teacher decides I’d been out long enough. So I walk into class, with everyone staring at me, and I’ve got a bunch of blood gushing down my finger for no good reason. I think I said something stupid because everyone laughed and the teacher sent me straight back to the hall. At least I got a tissue.”


Story 2: Facebook Cry

“On May 27, 2017, I attended a party to celebrate my great-grandmas 105th birthday. Everyone, including me, was happy and just having a great time. Now, I sing at family events, therefore, everyone knows and expects me to sing. Anyway, everyone was dancing and eating and all of the sudden a band comes into the salon. The band was a surprise and they were playing Mexican music called ‘Banda.’ Everyone went towards them and started to dance. After they sang about 5 songs, my mom and grandma were telling me to go song. Now, I did not know any banda songs and the band was so loud that I could not hear myself at all. I was peer-pressured to sing. Everyone was looking and had their ‘Facebook Live’ on. I went up there and was so frustrated that I couldn’t hear myself and that my voice was not on the right key. I started to cry because I did not want to sing and was so embarrassed. I eventually came out and just went home and had some boba. That was one of the most embarrassing things that have happened to me and till this day people still talk about it, even people who weren’t at the party. Unfortunately the same thing happened at my quinceañera but… that’s a different story.”


Story 3: Banana Slip

“ It was a cold Monday morning, I got to school and had a feeling that it was going to be a great day, little did I know that this Monday morning would take a turn for the worse. I am heading to my first class of the day, the weather was nice. It was cold but not too cold and it was not raining despite the weather report. My first-period class went great. We had this really fun assignment and I was feeling great, excited for what the rest of the day was going to be like. After my first class, I begin to walk out to see that it began to pour. Instantly I got upset as I did not have an umbrella but I was not going to let that ruin my day. I caught up with a friend who was holding an umbrella and began to walk to my 2nd class of the day. On our walk down we began to have a nice conversation. We were catching up. When all of a sudden my life felt like it began to move in slow motion. I felt my left foot step on something slippery, with that my right foot came flying up and being so uncoordinated plus having the water making the pavement even slippier, I fell backward. And I am laying there for a good 20 seconds trying to process the fact that I indeed did slip on a banana peel like in the cartoons. I begin to get up still in disbelief to also realize backside is completely wet as I had fallen back into a puddle. I had to walk around the rest of the day with wet pants, still in disbelief about having slipped on a banana peel.”


Story 4: A Misfortune Misstep

“So this one time I was at the gym. It was my first time ever at the gym. I had just finished running 2 miles on the treadmill. (It was my first time using the treadmill) so when I got off I was kind of dizzy and woozy because the floor feels really weird when you’ve been moving high paced on a higher elevated platform. Point is, I was getting ready to leave, and I was on the way to the locker room. The locker room is downstairs. I started going down the stairs while drinking water and I slipped ON THE STAIRS. There was a guy who saw me and he tried helping me but I was all like, “It’s okay, I got it.” THEN!!! I was going down the stair again because I was only half way through them and I SLIPPED AGAIN. I didn’t even look back because I was so embarrassed. After I went to go get my things, I decided to take the elevator instead because clearly I couldn’t walk on the stairs and I was hoping to avoid the guy that completely saw me fall twice. But that didn’t work and I saw him as I was leaving.”


Story 5: Gumiliated

“In eighth grade I had to prepare for a presentation for my science class. I was really nervous and whenever I am nervous I always chew gum. Right before the teacher called me up to present I sipped a piece of gum in my mouth and instead of wasting a perfectly good piece and spitting it out right away, I was just going to try and keep it tucked in the back of my cheek. The presentation was going good and the gum stayed secure. Suddenly I felt it start to slip out… then before I could react, it plopped out of my mouth straight onto the floor. Everyone started to laugh at me and I got so red. I couldn’t decide if I should pick up the gum and throw it away or just wait until the end of the presentation to throw it away. I ended up picking it up and holding it in my hand for the rest of the presentation for some disgusting reason. Everyone made fun of me after and I was so embarrassed.”


Although most of these stories may have been tormenting to deal with as it happened, most embarrassing experiences do leave you with a funny story that you are able to share with others. Most likely everyone that you embarrassed yourself in front of laughed and then moved on and soon will forget about it. It is important that we don’t hold on to these moments forever and are able to make light of them instead. If you have a funny embarrassing story that you would like to share and have a chance of being featured on Spartan Ink, you can share them at my email address, [email protected]. All stories will be kept completely anonymous.