Four Scary Halloween Pranks

Four Scary Halloween Pranks

Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. It’s the time where you’re able to pull scary pranks on everyone. If you’re just like me and love scaring people but have no idea what to do, you came to the right place. Here are four ideas of Halloween themed pranks.

Big Scary Spider. For this first prank, all you need is a string and a fake spider. We all know almost everyone has a big fear of spiders and people really don’t mess with them. If you know someone like that, this is a perfect prank. The best time to do this prank is when your friend or family member is sitting on the couch or going through the door. You put the string on the wall or the ceiling and let the big scary spider hang. Usually, people don’t pay attention to their surroundings so they’ll be shocked and scared to see the spider. Your friends will be spooked. If you’re wondering where to buy the supplies, Target, Dollar Tree and Amazon are the places to go.

Mystery Box. The second prank involves a box and a scary costume. For this prank, you have to dress up as the person’s biggest fear even if it’s an avocado. In this prank, you need a big box that you are able to fit in. If you’re wondering why do you need a box well you’re going to have to hide in it. Your goal is to call the person who you want to prank and have them open the box and jump out. A great idea is to make the box look at scary and pop out once opened. They’ll definitely be scared. Wondering where to get a big box? Amazon will be your best friend. Amazon will have the costume and box.

Lipstick and a mirror. What do lipstick and a mirror have to do with this? You probably think we’re going to do a makeup tutorial; well we’re not. This prank is going to a mirror and write whatever you would like in red lipstick and make it look scary. Doing this is makes the person think the house is haunted. It would spook them out.  

Head into jar. No, you are not going to kill anyone. You’ll print out a face out, and put water in the jar and add food coloring. Place the jar where the victim would be able to see it. While they are going to get a snack or food and they see the jar, they will lose their appetite!

These are four Scary Halloween Pranks. Hope you enjoyed and I was able to help you scare one of your friends or family members!