Funny Costume Ideas

Do it yourself!


Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Looking for a unique Halloween costume idea? Not to worry! There are many do it yourself costume ideas for this spooky season. Many pun-king ideas this fall.

Costume Ideas:

1. 50 Shades Of Grey:

The movie might be rated R but this costume definitely isn’t. Be creative with this pun! All you need is a black T-shirt and paint swatches from a local hardware store.

Black T-shirt: $3 at Michael’s
Paint Swatches: Free at Home Depot




2. Holy Guacamole:

This is a very simple but cute idea! If you love avocados you can express how heavenly you believe they are. All you have to do is get a green shirt and print out images of avocados and tape them on. Accessories with a halo and a pair of white angel wings! Holy Guac!

Green T-shirt: $3 at Michael’s
Angel Wings: $10 on Amazon
Light-Up White Halo: $8 on Amazon



3. Smart Cookie:

Although you’ll look delicious, you won’t get crumbs everywhere! This costume is perfect to get a laugh out of someone. What you need is a piece of cardboard you can cut in the shape of a cookie and color on chocolate chips with a brown sharpie. To top it all off add a graduation cap and a label saying “smart cookie”!

Sharpie: $2 at Target
Graduation Cap: $10 on Amazon



4. Formal Apology:

This one is quite simple. Grab a formal fit and throw on a sash saying “Apology” in big letters! You won’t be sorry after this one!

White Sash: $9 on Amazon
Large Black Sharpie: $7 on Amazon
Big Letter Stickers: Around $6 at Michael’s




5. She Sells Sea Shells:

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Be a sea shell dealer this Halloween!It will be a deal. Just grab a trench coat, throw on some shades, and tape on some colorful sea shells inside!

Trench Coat: $43 on Amazon
Sea Shells: $9 for 50 shells




6. Bob Ross And A Happy Little Tree:

This couples costume is perfect for Bob Ross fans. Not only is it cheap but it’s very creative as well. To make this costume a reality you need a curly haired wig, a nice button up shirt paired with jeans and a paint brush and pallet with green paint (dry). For the woman, any casual outfit with craft leaves taped on.

Craft leaves: $8 on Amazon
Brown Curly Wig: $8 on Amazon
Green Paint: $3 at Target
Brush: $3 at Target