The inhumane Crisis At The Border (Immigration series Part 1)

Annett Tamayo, Staff Writer

The traumatizing situation that is happening at the border has children sitting on cold concrete floors, incarcerated in cages. Hindered from their freedom in the world, kids are shouting and crying their lungs out with the hope of connecting with their loved ones.

Horrific shouts were heard in the audio captured by Pro Republicana after kids were separated from their loving beautiful families and placed in cold isolation. One girl cried, “Dad, I want my dad.” While other children are simply begging for them to be released to their aunts or local family members.

Many parents are conflicted and emotionally drained after the administration completely lost their children. One family has completely broken apart. A mother traveled from Honduras to the United States with her two children. Her two young children were flown into Michigan for foster care where they were separated and placed into different homes, not leaving a single trace of location for their mother.

Families have been risking it all in the desperate hope of making it into the United States for the purpose of finding a safer better life for themselves. Under a new policy that was put into action mid-year, The Zero Tolerance Policy required prosecution for every single person who crossed the border illegally. The influx of families created a problem in the border. While enforcing the Zero Tolerance policy, agents realized that the migrating children could not go into federal prison with their parents. Therefore, Children were separated from them and were placed in the Office Of Refugee Resettlement.  During the crackdown of illegal immigrants at the border, over 1,000 children were separated from their families.

Children and the facilities:

Confused children have been identified as “unaccompanied aliens.” Meaning that they are held in custody until agency officials are able to locate relatives or sponsors to care for the child while their immigration case is pending. Many reporters and immigrant rights groups have toured the facilities in which they are kept in. Collen Kraft, a pediatrician there, provided a  chilling description of the facility, describing it as “an environment that created distress to the children.” According to many of the reporters that toured, the children were being treated as anything but human.

The whole situation has caused an immense amount of distress for the children and parents. Imagine being separated from the only people you know and love? The distress, the sadness, the confusion that is created, is being implemented into these innocent kids and families that just dreamed of a better life for themselves.

This three-part series by staff writer Annett Tamayo will portray the awful impact immigration laws have had on migrating families, in addition to an explanation of the migration steps/thought processes made by immigrants. Lastly, the series will end with an interview with a member of the school or community.