Interview with Dashka Slater

Interview with Dashka Slater

Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

Dashka Slater Interview


I got a interview with a local author named Dashka Slater.. She is the author of numerous books though known here mostly known for her book called The 57 Bus.. She went through a lot, learning about the case and she puts it in her writing.. She came to Pinole Valley to meet other students and talk about her book and journalism and spent a moment talking with me.


K: So what is your name?

S: Dashka Slater

K: Where were you born?

S: Boston

K: Why did you move to the Bay Area

S: I was going to school at UC Berkeley

K: What did you study there?

S: Conservation and Resource

K: How did you like it there?

S: Really great I loved it alot

K: That’s cool, so the 57 bus has been awhile on the making?

S: Yeah it has been

K: Why did it take so long?

S: I didn’t really know that it would take so much time, but it was a bigger story than I first thought it would be.

K: What made the story so big?

S: I’m guessing how the issues between genders, race, Identity and justice go that far.  It was all of that interested me to write this

K: Sounds very deep

S: You could definitely say that.  This is about kids getting into a situation that changes both of their lives.

K: Have you met the victim and accuser?

S: Yes, I have I had a close chat from both sides and I got to know them both personally

K: Who do you think had the upper hand then?

S: It was mostly different. Both families want their children to be okay and have the same treatment, but Sasha (the victim) had the better support than Richard did

K: How did you felt about finishing and publishing all of this?

S: I really felt gratified since I put a lot of effort and time Into this whole entire book

K: What have you learned from this experience?

S: Learned more about family and the bad tragic things we all go through and the small light we all have