Say Yes To Prom!

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Prom for Pinole Valley students is on May 5th. It is less than a month away! So do not wait to clear your bills and buy your tickets!

Do not have a date yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to ask with exceptional promposals! Your date can be anyone from your best friend, to your girlfriend or boyfriend and so on. Here are some ideas for creative promposals:

Here’s an idea, you can buy a dozen doughnuts and write a corny pickup line on the box. We do have two different donut shops around our campus and who hates doughnuts? Because I know I donut!

Do not let Pepe the frog have all the fun! Be creative and create a memorable poster with a hilarious meme! You do not have to be artistically gifted to create something great.

Into criminal law and justice? There’s a proposal for that as well!

Does you special someone love Chick-fil-a? Or another restaurant? Food? Tacos? You can even make a sign that says,”Wanna Taco bout Prom?” Think outside the box!

Chocolate is gold. You can fill a box with goodies and make them dig to the very bottom just to find your proposal!

Something simple is always nice too! Its the thought that counts!

There are many distinctive options for every interest. Use your imagination and make a promposal your special someone will never forget. For more ideas you can check Pinterest and Tumblr.

*Do not forget to buy your tickets at the cashier for $125 each. You must have your bill cleared!*