Bethany Chouinard, Staff Writer

  • Social media is booming like never before, it’s become an easy way to connect with the world, or even pay your rent, if you’re good enough. But how do we still allow ourselves to have real life expetitions in the midst of fantasy? What is promoted everywhere on social media is very selective. A lot of the people who make it big are what the public would deem as perfect. Perfect bodies. Perfect faces. Perfect makeup. Perfect lives. And when we look in the mirror things may seem a little, off.

It can be hard to still love yourself despite of what’s constantly paraded around as acceptable. Many mental health issues strive from not feeling like you’re good enough. Especially over things you have no control over. Body type, facial features, teeth straightness, all things that can be fixed, but not without a big price tag. And at our young, impressionable age, being powerless in that department can really take a toll on your self-esteem.

Boys and Girls alike face some brutal realities when they realize they don’t look like the person they idolize. But that’s okay. It’s okay to not look like the person with over 100 thousand Instagram followers. As of late our society has become OBSESSED with perfection. There’s nothing we want more. But the thing is, perfection is different for everyone.

To some being skinny is perfect, to some it’s being a little thicker. Some people would love to be tall, but some prefer small. And let’s not forget the most important part of this all, genetics. Our parents genes make us look exactly the way we do today. And unless you’re identical twins, each and every person has something different. We all have small traits that are unique to us. Things that no one has in the exact same way. That’s something to embrace if you ask me. In celebrating our individuality we find peace.

Self-love and confidence start with accepting things about yourself that are stereotypically different. It might be hard to not compare yourself to others. Asking yourself, “why can’t I have her/his ______”. This is a normal human response, but it’s a very dangerous one. Again, you can’t be someone else, you simple can’t look like them because you aren’t them. Even if you tried various methods to achieve the same thing they have, chances are you’ll still end up with something different. It’s not fair to compare yourself to someone else’s body type, because you simply are different from them in that way. So why not try to accept the home assigned to you for your eternity? Your body is the one place you will always have, so why spend so much of your life criticizing what you can’t control?

Perfection along with many other concepts are completely arbitrary. It’s a challenge, but don’t take social media as a direct projection of real life. Often times you don’t see the “ugly” side of the “perfect” people of the world. So don’t feel like that’s the only attainable goal, because some days, that perfect person, doesn’t look so perfect.