Children Gift Ideas

Children Gift Ideas

Rose Figueroa, Staff Writer

  1. With Christmas nearly 3 weeks away and Hanukkah beginning in less than a week we will continue our series with a gift guide for children!


1.Legos- A gift all boys will love! Price:$3-$200. Available at Target, Toys R’ Us, Walmart, and online.

Lego Classic Meidium Creative Brick Box 10696. Available at:Target for $27.99.

2.Walkie Talkies -Allow a spy adventure to take place! Price: $15-$50. Available at: Toys R’ Us, Target, Walmart, and online.

Nerf 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Set. Available at: Toys R’ Us for $19.89

3.3D Lamp- I mean how cool is this? Price:$15-$50. Available at:Amazon and lampeez.

R2D2 3D Lamp. Available at: Amazon for $16.85

4.Uno Dare- By far one of my favorite games! Price: $6.99. Available at: Target, Walmart, and online.

Uno Dare at Walmart for $6.99.

5.Laser Tag Gaming Set- Who doesn’t love a good game of laser tag? Price:$24.99-$100. Available at: Toys R’ Us, Target, and online.

Laser X Two Player Laser Tag Gaming Set at Target for $39.99.


1.Jellyfish Lamp-Don’t worry they’re not real! Price: $20-$90. Available at: Amazon and Vat19.

Vat19 Jellyfish lamp at Vat19 for $20.29.

2.Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa- Sometimes kids need a break from playing too much! Price:$25-$30.

Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa available at Target for $27.99.

3. Build-a-Bear Stuff Me Station- What kid doesn’t love Build-a-Bear? Price: $30. Available at: Walmart, Target, and Toys R’ Us.

Build-a-Bear Stuff Me Station at Toys R’ Us for $29.99.

4.Hatchimals- Every girl’s dream. Price:$59.99. Available at: Walmart, Target, and Toys R’ Us.

Hatchimal at Target for $59.99

5.Shopkins- A pure collectible for kids! Price:$2-$40. Available at: Target, Walmart, and Toys R’ Us.


Tune in next week for the series finale ending with pets!