A Theory About Death I wrote In June


We fear death. We don’t want to lose our life. Yet we don’t realize that fear makes us blind to the fact that we’re losing it right in front our eyes. Why do we fear death if when we’re dead we won’t care that we’re dead?

All we have and all we will ever have in this life is the present moment. Our past moments have simply molded our minds and bodies into our current state of existence. Someone who lived 100 years lived no longer than someone who lived 15. I say this because all they ever had was their present moment. That being said, memories are spiritual treasures that each hold significant value. Life moves forward whether we choose to linger on the past or not. What if we move with it? The past is merely a story we tell ourselves of how the present came to be. Boring myself into an eternal sleep during a life reflection doesn’t seem very desirable. After all, isn’t eternal sleep what we’re all trying to avoid?