The Sims™ 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack


Lamar Johnson, Staff Writer

Hello there! The Sims™ 4 finally released Tiny Living. It’s the 16th stuff pack and, overall, the 48th pack of any type.

This pack doesn’t include a new world, but it includes new gameplay material. Let’s start with the roll-out bed. The bed comes in two variants. Those variants a bed with a couch or a bed without a couch. be careful with the bed though as the bed will malfunction and your sims can die if they attempt to fix it.

This pack also introduces new lot types. These lot types are micro, tiny, and small. The highest lot type is small. The small lot type is only 100 tiles.

Now. This pack has five tables of sizes followed by three decorative and yet functional items. You’ll get three big dressers and storage for holding the new items. You’ll get one rug. You’ll get a pretty standard sink and toilet. You’ll get two TVs which double as storage and a bookcase. You’ll get a lot of wall decorations and one door. You’ll get a bed and a sofa. Three lights and a lamp. Finally, you’ll get three. complicating chairs.

The pack costs $10 and I would honestly say go and buy it if you like living tiny.