From Blues Clues, to Blues Clues and You

Sara Molina, Staff Writer and Reporter

Do you remember the beloved Nickelodeon show Blues Clues? By now, you’ve had to have heard that it got a reboot called Blue’s Clues and You, now hosted by Josh Dela Cruz.

The show follows a puppy named Blue and her caretaker. Each episode, Blue has something that the host has to figure out through paw prints that Blue leaves around. After the host finds the three paw prints, he goes to the Thinking Chair to brainstorm what those clues mean, and figures out what Blue is trying to tell him.

The reboot has that same charm, just stylized to fit the current upbringing of kids. The handy dandy notebook that is used can now double as a phone. The phone is used to video call other characters, such as Steve and Joe giving Josh advice in the premiere episode, and for emails. Do not fear, the iconic mailbox still made its appearance, only now he’s pretty much there for the nostalgia- but I’m not complaining!

It helps that two out of three of the original producers, Angela C. Santomero and Traci Paige Johnson are (thankfully) in charge of the reboot. The two have been trying to get Blues Clues restarted for years, and finally got the go ahead in 2017. Additionally, both Steve Burns and Donovan Patton, the show’s previous hosts, are also involved in the production process, being able to give Cruz pointers.

Steve Burns had quit the show while it was running. There were a bunch of rumors circulating on why he did, such as Burns dying from a car crash, or Burns pursuing his dreams of becoming a rock star, which is something I heard and believed in middle school. It turns out, he quit due to him beginning to bald, which is something he didn’t want the audience to see.

As such, Burn’s last episode as the show’s official host was the series finale of season four. Patton, known as Joe on the show, was passed off as Steve’s younger brother. Joe was there to fill in the role of Blue’s caretaker, and continued the show until it’s final season.

Blues Clues lasted from 1996-2004, six seasons in total. It was lucky enough to get a spin off, called Blues Room. Blues Room was a show based on Blue and her other friends, only now she can talk and is in puppet form. This series ran from 2004-2007, also directed by Santomero and Johnson. Blues Clues and You! premiered November 2019, and who knows how long it’ll go on for? This remake is one that is done properly, and definitely lives up to the original.