Glendy Jimenez and Joshua Francisco

Music is around you, it’s everywhere. It’s powerful, it’s majestic, it’s elegant, it moves you. It brings people together from all different places and backgrounds, it connects us but it’s also what makes us different from each other. 

Glendy: “The artist that I listen to the most is Ariana Grande. The reason why I do is because to me her music is relatable. Her music motivates me, makes me happy and the things she sings is something that really speaks to me. Her music is pretty upbeat, happy, and she reminds you of your worth. I love Ariana Grande, she’s so strong and inspires many people.”

Josh: “The artist I listen to the most is YNW Melly. The rhythm and flow of his music is what I admire. I like how he expresses himself fully in his music, and I also relate to the preserving and adversity he talks about in his music. His music is just a vibe for me.”

Glendy and Josh listen to two different artists, yet there are certain songs that they can listen to together, dance and sing-along to like they love the same music. They may not listen to the same artist but there are songs that connect them together no matter what their background is, or experiences they have been through in their lives.

Jadeyn: “Ariana Grade is who I listen to the most. Her music is joyful and upbeat. I can relate to some of her music. Her music makes feel very relaxed and joyful. What I admire the most about Ariana Grande is her vocal range and how she cares about everyone.”

Brenda: “I listen to Rod Wave the most. His music is something a lot of people can relate to. I can relate to his music as well. His music gets me in his feelings and he makes me think about life. I admire how he speaks to people through his music.”

Bonds can be created through music and bonds turns into relationships, and this can lead to so much more. There are bonds that can last a lifetime and crazy enough it could be caused by just one moment, by just one song. This is the power of music and that is a beautiful thing. 

 As young children, there is music that parents will listen to and the music listened to influences the children as they grow. These songs play a role in the development of a child’s growing mind. It impacts one’s life. Music brings comfort and love. It’s art that also helps you view things in different ways. Music brings joy and happiness to the world. It’s something people love and have compassion for. You can bring two different people who have different backgrounds and experiences but if you put one song that they both know and love, it brings them back to a memory that made them happy. 

Music can tell a story like no other. Music holds a message. At times it can be clear, at times not so clear. For example, Destiny’s Child, “Say my name” is about a relationship, you’re wondering if they’re holding something from you and why they are acting a certain way. This message was quite clear, especially in the first verse. In Childish Gambino, “This Is America”, the message is hidden. You would think it’s about America being great due to the beat and melody of the song. If you listen to the lyrics closely, that’s not what the song is about. The song talks about the danger and problems going on in America. Music holds a great impact and has a meaning, and that is the power of music.