My Experience At The Haunted House

Jessica Tran, Staff Writer

For three days straight between October 30th to November 1st 2019, Pinole Valley High School students worked hard with dedication to set up a haunted house and haunted hallway to entertain and get students in the Halloween spirit during lunch and after school. Each day the haunted house and hallway followed three different themes. Both attractions were extremely popular, the long lines were no joke!

On October 31st 2019, Halloween, I had the chance to see for myself what was all the talk and popularity the haunted house was getting. Originally I had convinced one of friends the day before Halloween to come along and experience the “Haunted House Part 2” with me but unfortunately a minor problem occurred and was left to go alone. 

While waiting in the long line alone, I finally gathered enough courage to ask a group of friendly people from culinary club if I could join their group, they said yes. Before entering the room everyone’s expectations were low but once everyone exited the haunted house, our opinions had completely changed. 

The haunted house was equally both fun and entertaining, a few people in the group got jump scared and I danced along to a human sacrifice ritual to lighten the mood. Good times and happy memories were made that day!

Monica Zaldivar, a freshman student from PVHS attended the last day of the haunted house and shared her experience. “My experience in the haunted house was horrible, it was not the scariest thing but, it was still scary. I get scared very easily and I screamed like I had never screamed before, that might be the last time I enter a haunted house for a while!” Overall the haunted house was a great way to make new friends and I enjoyed and appreciate the hard work and dedication that was put into this entertaining project.