Turning The Blind Eye


Abdullah Hussaan, Staff Writer

Palestine, officially the State of Palestine in Western Asia, claims the West Bank bordering Israel and Jordan and the Gaza Strip bordering Israel and Egypt with East Jerusalem as the designated capital. It has a population of 4.18 million.

Over 75% of Palestinians have been either severely injured, brutally murdered or reported lost. This inhumane and cruel behavior is constructed by groups of attackers who attain no legitimate purpose of bombing the country. Statistically, over 8 rocket bombs strike the cities of Palestine every year causing the society to endure hardships politically, socially and economically.

Due to these riots, the members of Palestine are deprived financially. This is depicted as they are unable to provide around 1.6 million people food nor are able to fix the damages of buildings, homes, and hospitals. Aside from the killings and torture, the supply deficiency has led to more deaths lowering the population in the world.

Terror and anxiety have foreshadowed over the country for the past several years paralyzing people’s desires to act upon religious obligations, going outside, or even to play, as they fear being killed. The darkness of these ominous deeds has taken the sun away from the people as the smoke takes over the sky. A civilian of Palestine claims the “only light we get is when another bomb is dropped.”

Does Palestine deserve this animalistic behavior? Are they not human? For how long will the international community turn a blind eye to the brutal actions of oppressors all over the world? How long will it take for humanity to triumph over those who have lost sight of what matters… of the life of those who live in this world.