Disneyland ticket price increase


Jadeyn Wilson and Brenda Gallardo, Staff Writers

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but I don’t know how they expect anyone to go if their daily ticket prices are so expensive! These days, the price to get into one park for only one day is just ridiculous. It is currently $129 for a one-day-one-park pass, and even more if you want park-hopper (the ability to enter Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day). In the past five years, the ticket price has increased by 32 dollars. That could be a lot for families that want to go for several days.  I know that’s a lot for my family of six to go for only three days. When Disneyland first opened, the admission price was only $2.50. That’s a $126.50 jump of price in the span of 64 years. 

Because of the new featured Star Wars land, “Galaxy’s Edge,” located in the Disneyland park, it gave them a reason to bump up the park tickets. When I was in Disneyland myself a couple of months back, before the new land had even opened, my family and I were able to talk to a cast member of the Disneyland Hotel. He told us that because of the opening park in May of 2019, ticket prices were going to go up 50 dollars per person per day, which sounded crazy. Obviously they did not end up raising the prices that much, but it could have been an idea. The offer also could have been turned down because that would cause a massive loss of attendance in the park. 

There has been a rumor that the parks are way less crowded after the park opening. It may be because of the fact that people are afraid of having to battle large crowds. All of the problems around the park end up boiling down to the cost or even just money in general. Overall, ticket prices may not only be a problem for people to buy tickets but if nobody buys tickets, the park is not going to make any money.