Brooke Houts: Animal Abuser?


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A screenshot from one of Brooke Houts’ videos.

Maralya Mendoza, Staff Writer

Brooke Houts.

When you hear the name, one of two things should pop into your head. A YouTube content creator, or the girl who uploaded a video of her hitting and spitting on her dog. If neither came up, let me catch you up. 

On August 7th, 2019 the YouTuber Brooke Houts uploaded a video of her hitting, shoving, and spitting on her doberman. The next day, she uploaded another video saying that the video of her and her dog was all for a prank video she wanted to do. 

But when you think about it, it would still be a pretty sick prank. Who jokes about abusing their pets? No one in their right mind would make a prank video about something as terrible as that. So when Houts made another video saying it was a prank, everyone was still upset, maybe even more so. 

Everyone that heard about what she did, wanted her off of YouTube and for animal services to take her dog away. Posting a video like this one, especially on YouTube, could be worse than you think.

A lot of the times, little kids are on YouTube watching videos on toys and lifestyle vlogs. But if they were to click on a video of someone hitting their dog, the kids would think it’s okay. When kids see things online, they tend to copy whatever they see.

There was an experiment done in 1961 where parents hit a bobo doll while their kids watched, then the kids went inside the room and copied what their parents did. Kids copy what they see because they don’t know better, they just do what adults do.

Therefore, putting a video of that nature, abusing an animal, on YouTube for kids to watch will cause some to think it’s fine to hit their dogs like that.

YouTube nowadays has such a big impact on people, half the time the person uploading has to add a warning telling kids not to attempt what they’re doing at home. And for some crazy reason, people still do what they’re doing because ‘it looks like fun’ or ‘it would impress my friends.’ But doing these things can cause people to get hurt or hurt someone else in the process of doing said action. 

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