The New iPhone 11

The new iPhone 11 in every color

Apple Inc. Release photo

The new iPhone 11 in every color

Kevin Flores, Staff Writer

Apple has recently come out with three new phones, the iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 max. Apple announced the new phones on September 10 and they released on September 20.  The new iPhone 11 colors come in white, black, purple, green, yellow, and Product Red. The iPhone 11 pro and max come in space grey, silver, gold, and the new color midnight green.

The new iPhone has many new features. The new iPhone has the toughest glass ever in a smartphone and its water-resistant. The phone is rated IP68 for its water resistance because it can last 30 minutes while being 2 meters underwater. It also protects from accidental spills. It also has an A13 Bionic chip which is the fastest chip in a smartphone, which provides fast performance. 

Apple has introduced the dual and three camera lens to the iPhone, which shocked many people. Apple has said the camera has a new feature which is wide and ultra-wide which can zoom out without you moving. It offers the best quality video and major advancements in photos. The phone has gotten very good reviews about the phone which is good news.

In my opinion, I would actually buy the new phone if I could because of the good reviews. I think Apple did very well on the design of the phone and the new features which I love. The dual and three camera phones still shock me because it’s very weird and unique but looks very good.

So would you buy the new iPhone 11?