High School Stress

It’s real and more attention needs to be paid to it.


Justin De Leon, Staff Writer

High School, grades 9-12, the golden years for some, the awkward years for others, but for all, it is some of the most stressful times one could ever go through. With the burdens of the constant need to fit in, as well as high standards for all students, such as good grades, a good amount of extracurriculars, and a healthy social life, it can get hard. The reality of it is that we are constantly stressed, we lose sleep, and we tend to fall behind. We as teenagers are looked down upon by adults at times who think we are “just fine” and “don’t need to be stressed” or “not old enough to be stressed”. We are imperfect humans just as they are, and are also in need of rest, moderation of work, and a healthy body and mind.

Why is this such a provocative topic to me you might ask? Well, it is because of what I see around me every day as I walk this campus. I tune in to conversations about being in a tough situation at the time or not getting enough sleep or being stressed out one’s mind. This has got me thinking about myself, and about my own balance in life.

One word of advice I could give to all those in need of one, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are hundreds of peers and a very substantial amount of good adults who are willing to talk to you about your day, about how you feel and what you are going through. They are not here just to monitor and teach us and be your friend, they are here to level with you. They are here to let you speak your mind as they listen and understand.

So with all this, it raises the question, why does it need to be paid attention to more?

The short and impactful answer is, we are the future, we are the makers, the creators, the helpers, the soldiers, the caregivers, the builders of the next generation. Without us, our world will not progress.

Adults, if you have always thought that a young person is not stressed or in a tough situation, please take your time to understand each individual no matter their age. Students, if you have always thought everyone around you doesn’t care or doesn’t feel what you feel, find your safe haven within this chaotic thing we call High School. It could be a club, a sport, a friend, a teacher and for everyone, don’t ever think you are alone, you never will be.