Scholarships for the 1st Week of October 2018

Barbara Gonzalez

This week on the Daily announcements Kibby announced some new and interesting scholarships. You never know what opportunities there are for you.


1st : We have the Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship.  A $1000 award for the student who can write an essay attacking the attackers.

2nd : Is the Marcus Foster Scholarship. This scholarship is for African American seniors, just fill out an application and it isn’t due till March of 2019.

3rd : There is the Victor Agnoni visual arts award.  This is a $1500 award to an LGBTQ senior who has a great art portfolio.

4th : Finally there is a scholarship for those of you who are of Italian descent. Apply and if you qualify The Sons of Italy can get you a scholarship for your academic work, athletic work, or earn a trip to Italy and learn Italian. There are forms in building 4 ready for you to fill out.