What’s Going On In September? (Leadership Edition)

Andrea Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

As the year has begun we have a number of exciting and important events to attend in the month of September all mainly hosted by Leadership. What is Leadership you may ask? Leadership is the madness behind the beauty of all the events from rallies, dances, and parades. Leadership is an A period class that is taught by Ms. Marroquin all the way up in upper campus. The class consists of students from all grade levels who are in charge of individual class events along with our ASB officers who are in charge of schoolwide events.

The first important one that is a must attend if you are a senior is the senior class meeting that will be taking place on September 7th at lunch in the gold room. The meeting will discuss all the important senior events that will be taking place soon such as senior sunrise, homecoming, and boat cruise. If you are a senior you will want to be sure you are there!

A series of events to look forward to is all the homecoming festivities! We will be hosting a number of 4 different events. The first being the homecoming rally on Friday, September 28th during the school day. During the rally, we will see the parade pass through the track after having its way down Pinole Valley Road having passed Ellehorst. That same day we will be hosting the Homecoming Football game against Bethel High School. Jv will be playing at 4:30. The ceremony will be at halftime during the varsity game which will begin at 7. The floats will be once again paraded through the track for the stands to see. Our royalty will be announced as well. The following day on September 29th at Pinole Middle School at 7 pm. Our homecoming theme of the Marvel Universe will be greatly shown through or decorations at the dance. The ticket will be 10 dollars and must be purchased through Ms. Hazelwood. There will be music, food, and dancing so make sure you get there!

That is all the events for the month of September. Stay tuned for monthly updates on all things Leadership!