Senior Conducting Concert


Jessica Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On Thursday March 22, the Pinole Valley symphonic band hosted their annual senior conducting concert. This performance differs from the rest because it was organized by the seniors, who preformed various songs, and had the honor to conduct their own pieces! A huge thanks to De Anza High School for allowing us to use their beautiful theater.

The concert was a huge success. Many teachers came to watch like Mr. Hein, Ms. Schurr, Ms. Ohlson, Mr. O’Shea and Ms. Townsend and the crowd was constantly laughing at the jokes told by Mr. Radkiewicz. The concert had a total of 18 songs which were all beautifully performed.

The lineup…

  1. Saturn The Ringed Planet – Conducted by Mathan Densing
  2. Hallelujah – Low Brass Quartet
  3. Disney/Dreamworks
  4. Remember Me–Conducted by Ivan Santiago
  5. Princess Mononoke
  6. Proof of a Hero
  7. Highlights from Ratatouille–Conducted by Brian Nguyen
  8. Colors of the Wind
  9. Aladdin–Conducted by Lydia Quiros
  10. Beach Boys Greatest Hits–Conducted by Tristan Kelly
  11. Pure Imagination
  12. Mii Channel Theme
  13. Sheltering Sky–Conducted by Jose Luis Osorio
  14. Gusty Garden Galaxy
  15. Danza Kudoro
  16. Pixar Movie Magic–Conducted by Kimberly Arias
  17. What Are You Going to Do
  18. Highlights from La La Land–Conducted by Ruhiyah Pareja

Good job Spartan band, keep up the good work!