Animal Rights Club Is the Right Club!


ANIMAL RIGHTS red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

Stephanie Jiminez, Staff Writer

Searching for a club?

Animal Rights Club is an incredible opportunity to get involved to help the community in many ways! We help many, from animals to people. Our objective is to make the world a better place one step at a time. We do all this while having fun and interacting with new resources every week. Animal Rights club meets in room 42 (Ms.Deinhard’s class) every Tuesday at lunch. Everyone is welcome to come and make a difference!


  • To educate students of problems that animals face
  • Show leadership
  • Show more ethical ways to live
  • Donate items to local animal shelters and those living in hard living conditions all while having fun
  • We want students to allow good deeds to become habits

How We Will Accomplish This:

  • By going on field trips to rehabilitation centers
  • Showing videos based on problems that need fixing
  • Having discussions based on how to make the world a better place
  • Getting guest speakers to come in
  • Holding drives
  • Holding fundraisers


  • This club values having a strong bond and being able to accomplish helping the community together as a family. To keep a strong bond like this we plan on going on hikes, field trips, holding scavenger hunts, and playing games together. As well as hosting charity events.