Spartans fall in Home Opener

Diego Angulo, Sports Editor

Pinole Valley Football may have not gotten off to a great start this season but there’s still hope for the rest of the season. After getting off to a good start in Friday’s game against San Rafael with a 16-6 lead victory seemed certain. James Gordon, Ellis Deen, Larry McDonald, Josiah Hermosillo, Maddox Wu, and Tony Thompson were all having outstanding games both offensively and defensively. However, after a series of unfortunate events our Spartans ended up losing their momentum resulting in a 2-point loss with a score of 18-16.

Life is not all grim however, as Spartan pride is back and maybe bigger than ever after a sold out stadium during Friday’s game! I was there… and it was packed! All the seats were taken and the crowd roared anytime we had a good run or made a great stop! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s great to feel whole again as a school. Not only was school spirit in tip top shape but the new field is beautiful, the turf is a gorgeous green and the blue endzones was a genius touch. Our boys should be proud to be Spartans, keep their heads up, and look forward because now is the time to work out the kinks… playoffs isn’t out of our reach just yet. I believe in them, and you should too! 

After all these years of ups and downs Portable Valley High is officially no more! We battled our way through Portables, COVID, no track or field, and more recently, no AC, but now we’ve made it. A beautiful new school, a beautiful track and field, and some lively school spirit makes it quite easy to say… Pinole Valley is back baby! They may slow us down, but they’ll never stop us – because that’s how we roll in Pinole!