Volleyball Sweeps DeAnza

Diego Angulo, Sports Editor

Pinole Valley Volleyball is starting off strong after last night’s 3 set sweep against home-town rivals, the De Anza Dons. I was able to speak with Coach Mel after the game and she made it apparent that her, and the team’s goal, is to “get a banner up on the wall and be league champions,” and it seems to me they’re starting off on the right foot. According to Coach Mel, everyday at the end of practice she gathers her team to review the practice and learn what they need to do to get better at in order to be league champions. The team led by 4-year varsity captain, Coach Mel’s all around best player, and scholar-athlete, Eden Labaniego, is looking cohesive and ambitious. They had a certain flow last night that was difficult to put into words, especially during the first set crushing De Anza 25-6. 

But Eden isn’t the only star player, Freshman Hannah Solan was Coach Mel’s player of the match. Starting at setter she also plays outside hitter, and as a sports-writer I’ve seen quite a few volleyball games but never have I seen a player, let alone a freshman, manage a game the way she did. It seemed as if she was everywhere; if she wasn’t tossing up a perfect set she was hitting a killer spike defenders couldn’t receive, but most importantly she was encouraging her teammates if they made a mistake and hyping them up if they had a clean block or killer spike. 

Last night’s game was a big one but it won’t be the only one. Thursday’s game against Alhambra will be another win so why not come out and hype up your friends and fellow Spartans while they play. Other big games to come out and show your support for are games against other home-town rivals such as Salesian and John Swett. But I wouldn’t be too worried about either of them. The future is looking bright for Lady Spartan Volleyball. This team is connected, ambitious, and has some amazing young players to back up that ambition