Are People Taking Advantage Of George Floyd Protests?


Lamar Johnson, Staff Writer

After George Floyd’s untimely death, a lot of people have been partaking in peaceful and violent protests and also looting. The protests are alright but the looting is not. It’s portraying the protesting parties as a violent protester group.

Many people have been capturing violent and peaceful acts on cellphone and posting them on Reddit because news refuses to put anything damning or whatnot. Speaking of the news, many journalists and news crews have been attacked by the protesters and police. One guy even got arrested.

Anyways, I think people have been taking advantage of the protests by looting and instigating violence. A couple of days ago, a guy is seen asking a group to push over a police truck for his live stream. He is immediately thrown out of the protest.

Also, did you know the Amish are protesting? It’s hard to believe since they don’t use technology but here there they are.

Also somewhere in the world police are joining and helping the protesters.

It’s nice to see this. By the way, if it sounds like I’m rambling, I’m not. I’m just trying to get this out there as the news channels refuse to put some of this stuff on the air. Also, did you know they are protesting in Emeryville?