Volleyball Profile: Charlize Macon

Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

Where we find out more about our Spartan freshman volleyball player and how a conflict can resolve politely.

Kevin Ruano Hernandez:  How old are you, Charlize?

Charlize Macon:  I’m 14

K:  What position do you play on the volleyball team?

C:  Center and left

K:  What made you decide to play volleyball?

C:  When I was little, I always wanted to play volleyball and it made me feel good winning and building friendships.

K:  That’s tight

C:  I know, right?  It’s cool

K:  So we can get to know you a little better–what is your favorite song or songs out there now.

C:  First Day Out.  One Wish.  That’s My Best Friend.

K:  Oh, some real junk.  I don’t like One Wish.

C:  Alright then

K:  Thank you for your time

C:  Thanks for the interview!