Spartan Ink

2019-2020 Staff

PC Botha

PC Botha is a sophomore at Pinole Valley High School who recently moved to the United States from South Africa.

Glendy Jimenez is a sophomore at Pinole Valley High School.

Glendy Jimenez

Hello everyone! My name is Glendy Jimenez and I am a junior at Pinole Valley High School. This is my third year writing for Spartan Ink. Hope you guys enjoy my articles.

Natalie Ochoa

My name is Natalie Ochoa. I'm 15 years old and I'm a freshman this year. I like to write different kinds of stories for fun.

Mason Montano

Mason Montano

Hey girls and gays! My name is Mason Montano, and I'm a queer artist and pop music expert. I mainly write reviews of newly released albums, but i also plan on writing informative essays about my interests and passions as well...

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