Kyna Sayo sweeps the competition at PV’s Got Talent.


Kyna Sayo

Kyna Sayo — the winner of the first-ever PV's Got Talent.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Earlier this year, it was announced that our choir would be hosting Pinole Valley High School’s very own talent show, PV’s Got Talent, with auditions taking place in late February and early March.

The show was originally planned to be held on April 24 at PV’s theater, however, due to efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in nationwide school closures, it found a new home online, and in order to ensure that as many students as possible could participate, anyone was allowed to submit a video showcasing their talent between Friday, March 27 and Friday, April 17, regardless of whether or not they had auditioned beforehand.

In total, fourteen students, including yours truly, submitted videos of their special talents from singing to dancing to playing musical instruments. I sent in an iconic drag performance of American singer-songwriter and actress LIZ Y2K’s hit single, “When I Rule the World”, which gained almost 390 views.

There were three prizes available that were awarded to the top three students, with one grand-prize winner and two runner-ups.

Junior Edwin Zarza came in third place with his fabulous cover of Mexican singer-songwriter and actor Juan Gabriel’s 1980 classic “Inocente Pobre Amigo” and won a $5 Starbucks gift card; Senior Eric Barriere and Sophomore Justin Trujillo finished in second place with their impressive saxophone rendition of “Gusty Garden Galaxy” from the 2007 video game Super Mario Galaxy, winning a $10 Starbucks gift card; and Senior Kyna Sayo took home the grand prize — a $15 Amazon gift card — with her stunning cover of American singer-songwriter and musician Alicia Keys’ 2001 hit, “Fallin’”:

“Winning the first ever PV’s Got Talent made me feel appreciated by the school body. I like how the show was held during quarantine since many students and staff might feel upset or bored regarding the pandemic. Because of this, I decided to join the talent show not only just to showcase my talent, but also to entertain people and make them a little bit happy. I also like how this show became a platform for expressing one’s self and artistry through their talent. My heart is full of love and gratefulness!”

Big thank you to Mr. Lim and the choir for giving the students of Pinole Valley and I the opportunity to share our talents with our classmates and peers, and congratulations to Kyna Sayo for sweeping the competition and winning PV’s Got Talent 2020!

Joseph Lim
The official visual for PV’s Got Talent.