Humans of Pinole Valley: Glendy Jimenez


Glendy Jimenez is a sophomore at Pinole Valley High School.

“Quarantine has changed the way I view the world. I feel like it has changed many peoples’ points of view. Now people are realizing how beautiful the earth is and taking better care of it since now people go on walks more since they are bored. Although many of us don’t like being on quarantine and miss our normal lives, the Earth is doing much better. It is finally able to breathe. There is less trash around and less pollution in the air. People get tired of being home and just want to step outside to breathe. Now that people are going outside to their backyard they are realizing there are so many more things on this Earth. People aren’t taking it for granted anymore and are actually seeing the beauty of it. Yes, quarantine sucks but on the bright side the Earth is finally able to take a break and we should just enjoy its beauty.

“Quarantine has been boring, but I have learned a lot of new things about myself. I picked up new hobbies like baking. Turns out I love baking and now I am also baking something new. I’ve also been binge-watching new shows and movies. There are many new things that I have been doing since quarantine although I do miss Starbucks.”