Dealing With Depression


Andrea Sanchez, Staff Writer

You may ask yourself what is depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Statistics show that approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. The feelings of depression may make it feel harder for you to function as you usually would, or not allow you to participate in the activities you usually would. Depression may also make it harder to focus, and make it feel as if you have no motivation. It can even make it hard to enjoy yourself and get through the day. The important thing to know is while these are some common symptoms not everyone experiences depression in the same way. If you are feeling depressed or believe that you are depressed it is always good to know what you can do. Talk to a parent, a guardian, a teacher, a counselor, or your doctor. As for resources that are offered at school. We have a health office that not only offers counseling but also various different types of support groups. Other things that might be of help is always remembering to get enough sleep. Talking to a counselor that can teach you various techniques of relaxation that you can use when you are feeling depressed. Something to always remember when you feel this way or when you are going through this is that this is not your fault. Depression is a very real and serious issue. Knowing your options is always helpful, so it’s good to go to these resources to see which works best for you.