Robinson’s ‘Watching You’ will heal your broken heart.


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The cover of Robinson's debut extended play, ‘Watching You’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Upon discovering her songwriting talent in high school, New Zealand singer-songwriter Robinson set out to create music that “makes people want to dance and cry”.

She released her debut single, “Don’t You Forget About Me”, in May 2017 before earning some mainstream notoriety with her second single, “Crave You”, which arrived in December of that year and quickly gained over one million streams on Spotify, catching the attention of Universal Music, who signed a publishing deal with her in early 2018.

Following a slew of collaborations and standalone singles, including the massively successful “Nothing to Regret”, which has been certified platinum twice in Australia since its initial release in February 2018 and remains her biggest song to date with over 90 million streams on Spotify, Robinson released her debut EP, Watching You, in early February.

Described as a “helping hand for the heartbroken”, Watching You is an intimate contemporary pop record and her most personal work yet. Each song tells a story that ties into the central theme of heartbreak with a sense of relatability that’s intended to “give people comfort if they are going through the same thing”.

The opening track, “I Tried”, explains the dangerous cycle of doing your best to move on after a break-up but always ending up back at square one; the lead single, “Don’t Say”, details the internal struggle of having to let go of a longtime relationship upon growing accustomed to the feeling of being in love; and the second single and title track is a first-hand account of how painful it can be to watch your former significant other move on with someone new while you’re still in love with them. 

The vulnerable lyrics of these songs heighten their relatability, resonating with the listener and allowing them to put themselves in Robinson’s shoes, perhaps even healing their own broken heart in the process.

With this exceptional debut project, Robinson has undoubtedly established her place in the mainstream pop world, and Watching You is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Robinson in the music video for “Watching You”.