Sega Bodega rebukes a toxic relationship with ‘Salvador’.



The cover of Sega Bodega’s debut studio album, ‘Salvador’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Known for his experimental production work, Irish singer-songwriter and producer Sega Bodega is the co-head of London-based independent record label and collective NUXXE alongside British rapper and DJ Shygirl and French singer and producer coucou chloe. 

Beginning with his debut EP, 34, in March 2013, he released a handful of EPs and standalone singles, including October 2018’s self*care EP — his first project as lead vocalist and his first to be released through NUXXE — before the arrival of his debut studio album, Salvador, in early February.

Salvador is dark, eerie, and holds a somewhat gothic tone with its haunting melodies and experimental, electronic production. The title is Bodega’s real name, reflecting the intimate nature of the record, which explores themes pertaining to sex, resentment, and the end of a toxic relationship.

The lead single, “U Suck”, was described by Paper Magazine as the greatest “‘f**k you’ anthem of 2019”, and I would have to agree. It’s an angry, emotional trap-ballad about hating an ex while struggling to stop dwelling on the past and move on.

Set in a room empty of any furniture aside from a bed and a single lamp, the music video sees Bodega removing his own heart, lighting it on fire, and watching it burn in order to purge himself of any feelings that he may have left for his former partner, proving that less really is more with such a simple concept, yet powerful sentiment.

Salvador also sports some rather heavy sexual undertones that work in collaboration with the main topics of the record to showcase the conflict between love and lust. 

Tracks like the slightly distorted, “Masochism”, describe a sadomasochistic dynamic between Bodega and his partner to characterize their toxic relationship, and the third single, “Raising Hell”, employs cybersex to convey loneliness and desperation, with Bodega rejecting what he deems to be meaningless sexual encounters.

A well-constructed, albeit sometimes strange, body of work, Salvador is a solid addition to NUXXE’s steadily growing catalog, and having rebuked and rid himself of the remnants of his ex, Bodega can now move forward with his life for the better.

Salvador is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Bodega in the music video for “U Suck”.