Cailin Russo gets candid with ‘The Drama’.


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The cover of Cailin Russo's second extended play, ‘The Drama’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Known for starring as Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Justin Bieber’s love interest in the music videos for his late 2013 singles “All That Matters” and “Confident”, American singer-songwriter and model Cailin Russo came from a musical background, as her father, Scott Russo, is the lead singer of American rock band Unwritten Law.

Her debut EP, House with a Pool, was released in July 2018, and she described its sound as “grunge-influenced punk rock with a pinch of pop thrown in for good measure”. Her second EP, The Drama, arrived in early February and continues this overall sound with a more commercial approach, sporting a combination of pop rock and electro pop for added flavor.

Thematically, The Drama sees Russo navigating heartbreak and adult life through candid and honest lyricism. The lead single, “Declaration”, is a chill, indie rock track in which she confesses her past mistakes in an attempt to reconcile with her old self, and on the second single, “Fade”, she depicts the end of a relationship as she watches her former lover drift away from her.

Departing from the more serious tone of the previous songs, the third single, “You Touch Me, I Touch You Back”, is a dark, seductive electro-infused bop about raw, unfiltered sexual chemistry and one of the EP’s standout tracks that deserves to be a club hit. 

All three singles and their respective music videos come together to form a loose trilogy that tells the story of a young woman discovering more about life, relationships, and herself reflecting Russo’s own experience as a young model and musician.

She stated that this EP is an introduction to the sound of what’s to come, and she’s already planning to release new music at the end of the month, indicating that there’s no sign of stopping for Cailin Russo anytime soon.

The Drama is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Watch the music video for “You Touch Me, I Touch You Back”: 

Russo in the music video for “You Touch Me, I Touch You Back”.