Winona Oak moves on with ‘CLOSURE’.


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The cover of Winona Oak’s debut extended play, ‘CLOSURE’.

Mason Montano, Music Editor

Known for her collaborations with Australian producer What So Not and American producer and DJ duo The Chainsmokers, Swedish singer-songwriter Winona Oak released her debut single, “He Don’t Love Me”, in April 2019 before the arrival of her debut EP, CLOSURE, in early January.

CLOSURE tells the dramatic story of a young woman suffering from a broken heart as she searches for closure in order to move on and free herself from her pain and sorrow.

Opening the EP on a depressing note, “He Don’t Love Me” and the second single, “Break My Broken Heart”, introduce the listener to the woman, who had been taken advantage of by someone that she thought was the one but turned out to be nothing more than a liar and a cheater.

Speaking on the former in a social media post, Oak provided more details on this concept, stating:

“We’re all capable of falling for people who don’t value us, grasping for a leaving hand. But we must understand that we’re just as capable of realizing that our worth does not lay in those heavy hands.”

The music video for “Break My Broken Heart”, which is arguably the best song on the EP, is an artistic visualization of heartbreak through a noir-esque style; with dim, red lighting; eerie imagery involving cars and magnifying glasses; and fashion reminiscent of the 1940s that invokes strong feelings of melancholia within the viewer.

The story continues with the fourth single, “Control”, and the non-single “Lonely Hearts Club”, with the woman opening herself up the possibility of new love, and evolves with the third single, “Let Me Know”, and the closing track, “Another Story”, as she finally finds the closure that she’s been looking for, thus achieving the strength needed to move on.

In addition to telling a tragically beautiful and relatable story, CLOSURE is an expertly crafted body of work. The production is crisp and clean, and while it largely incorporates mainstream sounds, the EP doesn’t shy away from getting a little experimental, as “Control” features a captivating blend of distorted industrial electronic melodies on the outro — a risk that was greatly appreciated on my end.

There’s no question that Winona Oak is establishing herself as an emerging indie pop starlet who will no doubt become a permanent fixture on the scene, and CLOSURE is available now across all online and streaming platforms.

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Oak in the music video for “Break My Broken Heart”.

This article was originally published in January 2020 and later revised in May 2020.